MUR Motorsports Newsletter - August 2015

Although there have not been many trackdays of late, August has hardly been a quiet month for the team. Amongst other things August has seen the team near completion of the chassis, the addition of a new sponsor as well as hosting a thoroughly enjoyable and informative sponsor cocktail night.

Excitingly, in addition to all of this, it is expected that the 2015 car will be ready to run in September!

Recent Events

Sponsor Cocktail Night at 101 Collins

Firstly, everyone at MUR would like to thank our brilliant sponsor 101 Collins for allowing us to host our annual sponsor event in their foyer once again this year.

For a whole week the car was installed in the foyer of the building to raise awareness and garner more interest in the car and the team as a whole. This was all capped off by a wonderful cocktail evening with our sponsors. We would also like to thank everyone that attended, from faculty members to our sponsors. 

The team would once again like to thank all our sponsors for your continued support of the project. We would not be able to do what we do without you and we look forward to hopefully achieving our best result ever in this year's competition as a consequence of your continued backing.

MUR at the University of Melbourne's Open Day

On 12 August the University of Melbourne opened its doors to prospective students for its annual open day. 

With thanks to the engineering faculty MUR was able to position the car in prime of place outside the Old Engineering building. It was a great occasion once again to increase the awareness and interest in the project and encourage visitors to aspire to be MUR members of the future!

Manufacturing Update

After the past few weeks spent manufacturing of the chassis, it is now almost complete.

MUR would like to thank Boeing Australia and all its most welcoming and valuable staff for all the help they provided with the manufacturing of the composite panels for the car. MUR would also like to thank our wonderful sponsor PPG Industries for painting the chassis for us!

MUR has also been busy machining at Holmesglen. The image to the left shows only a small selection of the parts we have meticulously machined ourselves.

Unlike many other F-SAE entrants, MUR endeavour to complete as much of our manufacturing as possible in-house. This helps build up the skill set and practical knowledge of team members!

Technical Article

The following article was written by the Electrical sub-team for sponsor RS Components.

"Live lap times and section times are essential for a driver when monitoring their performance during competitive racing. MUR has used a GPS system the past few years to calculate lap times, with varying degrees of accuracy. The update rate of this commercial system is around 10Hz, which means that the system error results in inaccuracies of up to 0.1 seconds of driving time. The 2015 MUR electrical subteam has designed a more accurate system using pairs of LED emitters and infrared receivers...

The full article can be found here: Link to technical article

Sponsor Update

MUR is delighted to announce a new addition to our fantastic set of sponsors. 

The wonderful team from Climateprufe Canvas will be producing custom wheel covers for MUR.

Recruitment Update

MUR would also like to take the time to mention that recruitment for 2016, both senior and junior positions is just around the corner so keep a look out on both our website and Facebook page for updates and details!