MUR Motorsports Newsletter- February 2016

As promised, February has proven to be far from a quiet month for the team, with preparation for the 2016 campaign continuing to ramp up. Amongst other things, the team has spent the month continuing to test the 2015 car, and has completed the Internal Design Review for the 2016 car!


Track testing this month has been particulary important as the team begins to experiment with different design concepts for the 2016 car, with various ideas being experimented on the MUR2015. With the team able to test frequently in ideal weather conditions we were able to collect a vast array of important data, and coupled with increased experience for newer members of the team our time on track this month has proven to be invaluable.  

Lastly, the team would like to thank the Oakleigh Go-Kart Racing Club for the use of their facilities over the past month, the support is greatly appreciated!  

Internal Design Review

On the 19th of February the team's Internal Design Review took place, with each sub-team coming together to provide a picture of what can be expected in 2016!

Whilst there won't be any information on the 2016 car disclosed here it can be assured that the team is very excited about the year ahead!

(Driver's meeting U.S. Grand Prix, 1972. image sourced from:


With the start of trimester 1 nearing, the team held an O-Week stall on Tuesday the 23rd of February in the Old Engineering Building, and on Friday the 26th of February on South Lawn. It was fanastic to get to meet a lot of enthusiastic students over the two days and we greatly appreciate everyone who came down to visit!

Huge thank you to Selby's and their designers who were able to provide us with high quality banners and designs!

Check out our O-Week video below if you haven't seen it yet!

Recuitment Update!

Applications for the 2016 are still open to anyone interested!  A particular shout out to the creative and dynamic minds out there who would like to join our new Marketing Team!