The Team

MUR Motorsports in 2022 are comprised of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering students who design and build an autonomous and electric race vehicle over a 12-month design cycle. The team competes at Formula SAE Australasia Competition, against teams from around Australia and the world. Entirely student-led, the team this year consists of 36 Senior Engineers each focused on a specific aspect of our formula style open wheeled racecar, with over 80 Junior Engineers who learn important practical skills relevant to industry and in complements to their course study at The University of Melbourne.

2022 Integration Team

2022 Integration Team: Calvin Tan (Team Lead), Dorothy Chung (Chief Aerodynamics Engineer), Nobel Wong (Chief Autonomous/Electrical Engineer), Shawn Ingle (Chief Mechanical Engineer), William (Bill) Clayton (Chief Autonomous Engineer), Geoffrey Wong (Chief Electrical Engineer).

2022 Coordination Team

2022 Coordination and Business Management Team: Calvin Tan (Team Lead), Ege Girgin (Operations Manager), Alonso Chen (Sponsorship and Marketing Officer), Shivam Gupta (Finance and Procurement Officer).

2022 Aerodynamics Team

2022 Aerodynamics Team: Dorothy Chung (Chief Aerodynamics Engineer), William (Bill) Stam (Aerodynamics Engineer),  Laurence Lee (Aerodynamics Engineer), Ryan Nam (Aerodynamics Engineer).

2022 Auto Perception Team

2022 Autonomous Perception Team: William (Bill) Clayton (Chief Autonomous Engineer), Nuransh Chopra (Autonomous Perception Engineer), Shaoqiu (Charles) Qin (Autonomous Perception Engineer), Micah Swenson (Autonomous Control Engineer).

2022 Auto Int Team

2022 Autonomous Electrical Integration Team: Tim Collier (Loom Engineer), Victor Goh (Actuation Control Engineer), Rushith Karunaratne (Supervisory Software Engineer), Zhenkun Yin (Communications Engineer).

2022 Auto Safety Team

2021/2022 Autonomous System Safety Team: Nobel Wong (Chief Autonomous/Electrical Engineer), Vinamra Goswami (Autonomous Safety Engineer), Harikrishnan Kolamveettil (Autonomous Safety Engineer), Vivek Reddy (Autonomous Safety Engineer).

2022 Chassis Team

2022 Chassis and Drivetrain Team: Kane Loveday (Chassis Manufacturing and Testing Engineer), Steven Yu (Panels and Safety Engineer), Tong Wu (Ergonomics and Pedal Box Engineer), Abhishek Vasdev (Drivetrain Engineer).

2022 High Voltage Team

2022 High Voltage Systems Team: Geoffrey Wong (Chief Electrical Engineer), Sadullah Tasbas (Electric Motor Control Engineer), Meng Lim (Safety Circuit Engineer).

2022 Suspension Team

2022 Suspension, Brakes and Outboards Team: William Tjen (Kinematics and Activation Test Engineer), Abin P Vincent (Steering Engineer), Jay Rahul Manoharan (Brakes Engineer), Shahnawaz Ali Khan (Outboards Engineer).