The Team

MUR Motorsports 2019 is comprised of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering students who build a combustion and an electric race vehicle over a 12 month design cycle. Approximately 38 senior engineering students work the race cars, as well a total of 82 junior engineering students, who learn important practical skills from the seniors as a means of preparing themselves to lead the team in future years.

Integration & Team Leadership


Aidan Koay (Team Leader)        Brendan Li (Chief Mechanical)    Gabriel Varveri (Chief Electrical)

Oversees the integration of all subsystems, technical design, manufacturing, team coordination and management.



Mujtaba Habib & Saurav Mazumdar

Oversees the project management and non-technical aspects of MUR including finance, sponsorship, marketing and HR.

Accumulator & Battery Management System


Liam Traynor (Team Lead), Sirui Zhu & Oyin Jaren Tarakeme

Responsible for designing the battery and battery control systems, charging, isolation, breaking high voltages/currents and ensuring the safety of all electrical systems.

Accumulator & Inverter Packaging


Zac-Hughes Miller, James Heath, Yunong Zhu & Jen Luis Cubas Pastor

Responsible for efficient packaging and design solutions for the inverter and accumulator systems.



Jarrad Haywood (Team Lead), Brandon Afiat, Griffan Wallish, Jayank Singh & Liam McGregor

Designs and manufactures the aerodynamics package for the vehicles, utilising computational fluid dynamics and composites manufacture with carbon fibre.

Chassis & Structure


Jonathon Di Palma (Team Lead), Luke Iacono, Carl Tomczak & Yui Kageyama

Designs and manufactures the main chassis structure of the vehicle, in conjunction with ergonomics, impact structures, body panels and drivetrain mounting.

Combustion Powertrain


William Dimery, Lucas Shaw, Brad O'Meara, Arjun Soudakar & Viktor Chao

Responsible for engine selection, modification, maintenance and optimisation including cooling, lubrication, fuel, intake and exhaust systems.

Electric Motor Control


Patrick Lewien (Team Lead) & Rhys Williams

Implementation of a controller for the motor to optimise the vehicular dynamic performance. This involves system modelling, system identification, CAN communication and Motec programming.

LV Safety Systems


Navid Zaman (Team Lead), Michelle Yan & Qee Zhao

Responsible for the design and implementation of the low voltage systems of the car. Including the safety shutdown circuits, data acquisitions for safe operation, data validation and optimisation.

Powertrain Control


Ibrahim Ahmed (Team Lead) & Abhishek Rajendran

Responsible for the design and manufacture of powertrain control systems including pneumatic paddle shifting system, DAQ loom, sensor systems of the vehicle and the backup manual stick shifter.



Sam Barnden (Team Lead), Brett Hansen, Fabio Diaz, Mika Ohkawa & Lewis Mombo

Responsible for the design and manufacture of the suspension geometry, steering system, as well as wheel and tyre modelling utilising dynamics and motion principles.