The Team

MUR Motorsports 2020 is comprised of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering students who build a combustion and an electric race vehicle over a 12-month design cycle. MUR has 34 senior engineering students run the race cars, as well as approximately 60 junior engineering students, who learn important practical skills from the seniors as a means of preparing themselves to lead the team in future years.



Brad O'Meara (Team Leader), Brendan Li (Chief Mechanical), Joey Chin (Chief Electrical) & Haydar Jerew

Oversees the integration of all subsystems, technical design, manufacturing, team coordination and management.



Saurav Mazumdar, Poorya Shaghaghi & Jeremy Brown

Oversees the project management and non-technical aspects of MUR including finance, sponsorship, marketing and HR.



Aidan Price-McNamara, Will Hayward, Griffan Wallish, Wilson Zheng & Liam McGregor

Designs and manufactures the aerodynamics package for the vehicles, utilising computational fluid dynamics and composites manufacture with carbon fibre.

Autonomous Control


Alex Cain, Demi Shale, Joseph Leong & Dennis Wirya

Implementation of autonomous vehicle simulation, path planning and path following. This involves geometry-based path planner, model predictive control, optimisation and autonomous vehicle safety system.

Autonomous Perception & Spatial


Steven Lee, Jack McRobbie, Andrew Huang & Michelle Keane

Responsible for perception, localisation and mapping components of the autonomous car. This involves working with 3D LiDAR, custom stereo camera and GPS/IMU sensors to provide the required measurements.

Brakes, Outboards & Drivetrain


Sean Heng, Thomas Page-Pimenta,  Nathaniel de Bell & Justin Roth

Applying generative design to optimise the design of the MUR E-Car outboards, correlating the predicted & actual thermal performance of the brake rotors & investigating autonomous braking solutions for future driverless MUR vehicles. In conjunction with the power delivery drivetrain to the driving wheels.

Chassis & Ergonomics


Nico Hernandez, James Ross & Damon Stewart

Designs and manufactures the main chassis structure of the vehicle, in conjunction with ergonomics, impact structures, body panels and drivetrain mounting.

Electric Motor Control


Luey Sun, Henry Paik, Nishanth Panati & Jayank Singh

Implementation of a controller for the motor to optimise the vehicular dynamic performance. This involves system modelling, system identification, CAN communication and Motec programming.



Joel Millar, Adhish Dhakhwa & James Karabatsos

Responsible for the design and manufacture of the suspension geometry, steering system, as well as wheel and tyre modelling utilising dynamics and motion principles.