The Team

MUR Motorsports 2018 is comprised of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering students who build a combustion and an electric race vehicle over a 12 month design cycle. Approximately 45 senior engineering students work the race cars, as well a total of 50 junior engineering students, who learn important practical skills from the seniors as a means of preparing themselves to lead the team in future years.



Fraser Nicol and Philip Yap

Oversees the project management of MUR, as well as all non-technical aspects of the project including finance, budgeting, sponsorship, recruitment and events.



Tony Zhang, Sai Fairchild, Ryan Carter and Ambar Srivastava

Responsible for technical management of MUR, as well as supply chain, adherence to timelines, driver training & track operations.


Steven Lam, James Karabatsos,  Jarrad Haywood, Lucas Shaw and Wilson Zheng

Designs, builds and optimises a full carbon fibre aerodynamics package for the car including front wing, rear wing, body kit and undertray using computational fluid dynamics and track validation.

Brakes & Drivetrain

Vincent Marciano, Sharun Benny, Aakash Babu and Brendan Trinh

Responsible for the design and manufacture of the brake system, pedal box and all drivetrain components connecting the gearbox to the rear wheels.

Chassis and Composites

Brendan Li, Shengjie, Jay Singh and Michael Kurnatu

Designs and manufactures the main frame of the car using finite element analysis as well as being responsible for the steering wheel and driver ergonomics in the car.

Suspension & Steering

Will Ellet, Jarod Haegel and Haydar Jerew

Takes responsibility for the steering linkages and dynamic handling of the car through the use of springs, anti-roll bars and geometric principles.

Composite Development

Joel Millar and Rinkesh Shah

Research, development and testing of carbon composite components


Xin Lu, Gary Li, Andrew Gunawan and Vladamir Borzykh

Responsible for engine selection, maintenance and optimisation as well as looking after the cooling, lubrication and fuel systems for the car. The team is also responsible for the overall wiring loom design as well as the data logging system, all sensor systems and wireless communications between the car and track crew.

Shifter and Clutch

Johno Philips, Bobby Li and Emily Griffin

Responsible for the design, manufacture and implementation of the pneumatic paddle shifting system, and the backup manual stick shifter.


Kay Okoro and Aidan Koay

Responsible for the cooling of the electric car (electric motor and inverter), and cooling the engine on the combustion car.

Electric Motor Control

Huaichong Huang, Gabriel Valveri, Lingbeibei Chen

Implementation of a controller for the motor to optimise the vehicular dynamic performance. This involves system modelling, system identification, CAN communication and Motec programming.

Sensor Systems and Data Acquisition

Iris Sun, Yidu Wu and Tony Ngo

Implementing a the all-important safety systems on the electric car as well as an extensive sensor network on to measure and optimise performance in real time as well as tune the other systems on the car.

Accumulator and Battery Management System

Steve Zhang, Sohaib Rasheed, Alvin Augustine

Responsible for designing the battery and battery control systems, charging, isolation, breaking high voltages/currents and ensuring the safety of all electrical systems.