Recent Results

Since MUR Motorsports first began competing in the FSAE competition it has consistently built a car which has produced a strong performance.

2015 marked the most successful year ever for MUR's FSAE entrant, taking 2nd place overall and achieving an incredible win in the endurance category. These results helped propel MUR Motorsports in the global rankings to an historic high. Thanks to the team's incredible achievements over it's 16 year time span, MUR was ranked 5th in the world during October 2016.

Over the years MUR has always placed well within a number of individual categories of the overall competition. Highlights include:


1st – Endurance

2nd – Overall Standings



3rd – Endurance

4th – Overall Standings


2nd – Acceleration

3rd – Endurance, Overall Standings

Winner – Bosch Best Instrumentation Award


3rd – Autocross

2nd – Acceleration