MUR Motorsports Newsletter - May 2016

May has been an exciting month for MUR as manufacturing of the 2016 car is now well underway! The team have been working hard moulding, cutting and building the new car. The next few months are sure to be an exciting time for the whole team as after months of hard work, the team’s designs will finally be brought to life.

Chassis Updates

The chassis team have been busily working away to build the car’s new carbon monocoque – a first in MUR history! The team has been working on building foam moulds, which will soon be used to make fibreglass moulds for the monocoque. They have also been testing materials to see how they perform under stress in order to find what is best for the monocoque. Once these moulds have been made and testing is completed, the team will then work on laying up the monocoque.

After the monocoque has been constructed, the team will start working on the manufacture of roll hoops and steel tubing. It’s been a hectic few months for the chassis team, but it will all pay off once the car is racing around the track with its purpose built monocoque!

Mario Kart BBQ

On May 19, MUR hosted a Mario Kart themed BBQ to determine who would be the ultimate Mario Kart champion of Melbourne Uni.  Competition was fierce and after many hotly contested laps, Jonathan Siebert emerged as the winner! Congratulations Jonathan and we all hope you enjoy your prize of gokarting, kindly donated by our friends at Auscarts! We hope everyone who attended had a great time at the BBQ and hearing about the work we do at MUR.

This will be the last monthly newsletter for MUR. Look out for our next quarterly newsletter to be published in August!