MUR Motorsports Newsletter - Winter 2016

MUR is back for Semester 2! While we wish we could say we had a well-rested winter break, the truth is the team has been working round the clock to reveal the car at one of the earliest shake downs in MUR history. While we can’t reveal all the details just yet, we’re not prepared to keep everything a secret and can update you on some exciting developments from each of the sub-teams.

The Car

The winter break was little more than a short break from classes, as our team continued to work in the university workshop and at TAFE throughout July. We can now announce that the 2016 chassis has been completed! The new carbon monocoque is one of the many designs that improves upon our 2015 car and makes us more competitive for 2016. The body of the car has now started to take shape and our sub-teams are now all working together to get all the features onto the 2016 car for the first time.

The aerodynamics team have been refining their designs and testing various materials to perfect the aerodynamics package that will be added to the car soon. The suspension and brakes and drive train sub-teams are also assembling their packages on the new car. The engine is now complete and has been moved from the 2015 car (where it was used for testing) to its new home in the 2016 chassis. The engine sub-team have also been adding the features required by any driver, the steering wheel and the dashboard, so that the testing phase can begin shortly.

Open Day

On the University of Melbourne’s biggest day of the year, the MUR team managed to secure a top spot outside the Old Engineering Building for Open Day. With tens of thousands of visitors walking through the university gates, our team had the opportunity to discuss all our recent achievements with prospective students and members of the university community. It was fantastic to speak high school students interested in studying engineering and answer their questions about how we apply our engineering skills to the FSAE competition. Hopefully we have inspired the next generation of MUR engineers to study at the University of Melbourne.

GoFundMe Campaign

The whole MUR team would like to extend a massive thank you to all our supporters who donated to our GoFundMe Campaign! Each one of you contributed to making our design dreams a reality and we managed to raise over $2700 for the 2016 car. Your assistance and support has helped the MUR team build its most competitive race car and we hope you enjoy your thank you packages, as a token of our appreciation, which should be with you shortly.